My work for the past several years has been focused on the assemblage of boxes, frames, and books using found objects, rust, found paper, old photographs, and vintage materials, fibers, and books.

I consider myself a sort of amateur urban archeologist. I notice the banal, the discarded, the hidden, the broken, the overlooked detritus of everyday life, today and from past. I find treasures everywhere!

These things speak to me: I see deeply into their intrinsic beauty and the messages these objects hold. Each object contains references to symbols, dreams, and memories: sometimes on the surface, sometimes veiled.

Though my objects are “found,” I always add to, alter, change and distort in various ways: paint, distress, oxidize, collage, wax, polish, wrap, glaze, among others. Watching the process unfold and reveal itself towards a completed narrative can be fun, and always leaves me with a sense of wonder.